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An online programming platform provides courses, tutorials, and exercises for learning programming languages. It offers a user-friendly interface and can provide personalized learning paths and certificates.



Our courses offer technical skills in web, game, and app development, plus soft skills in media, public relations, capacity building, HR, and organizational success for a well-rounded career.


Communication strategy to enhance organization's reputation and relationships.


Managing personnel, recruitment, and development within an organization.


Optimizing processes and resources to achieve organizational efficiency and effectiveness.


Promoting products/services through various media channels to reach audiences.


Developing skills, knowledge, and resources to improve organizational performance.


Applying specialized knowledge and skills to solve practical problems.


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Who we are


Abdelrahman Ezzat

Founder & Supervisor

I'm Abdelrahman Ezzat Third Year Student At Chemistry Department at Faculty Of Science Alexandria University Looking For All Ways To Make a better Community and I Can Say That My Achievements are - Business Office Manager at ESDF - Public & International Relations Specialist at Remooz.events - Founder & Director at Whisper Team - Founder & Director at Zero One - Project Manager (PM) at SpaceE - Human Resources & Organization Member at Circle for Training & Consultancy - Founder & Director at 3ommar X Event - Founder at 3ommar Projects Community - Head Of Entities at Faculty of science Student Union - Former Presenter & Script writer at Enactus Alexandria University - Head of Human Resources Department at Hult Prize At Alexandria - Human Resources Manager (HR Specialist) at GMind - Manager & Director at 3ommar Team - Former Organisation member at Empower Hub - Former Participant at Mind Utopia - SMU


Hamss Mohsen

General Director

I’m Hamss Mohsen, A graduate of Faculty of Science. I’m vice president of 3ommar team I was head of public relations in 3ommar team and capstone project. I was a volunteer in Resala charity organization and member of project management at enactus alexandria.



Project Manager

I'm Gohar, a student in the College of Science, majoring in Computer Science. I have various roles: I work as a member of an organization called Empower, where I contribute to its activities. Additionally, I hold positions as an OC and HR member at Circle, which focuses on training and consultancy. I am also involved as a PR member for both the 3ommar Team and Space E, and I serve on their respective PR boards. In addition, I am a member of the Student Union, representing the interests of fellow students. I have the privilege of being the President of the ZeroOne Team, and I also serve as the PR Director at 3ommarX. Moreover, I am currently a trainee at iCareer and work as a Project Manager at I-Code.


Moamen Saad

Project Manager

I am Moamen Saad, a student in the College of Science, Department of Computer Science. I have been working as a social media specialist for four years, helping various organizations with their online presence. I also run my own online marketing agency called MS Marketing. Additionally, I am involved in several organizations in different roles. I am a member of Empower Hub, Orgnaizer and Human Resources At Circle for training and consultancy. I serve as a Public Relation member for 3ommar Team and Space E. I am part of the Human Resources board for 3ommar and Space E. Moreover, I hold the position of Head of the cultural and media committee at the Faculty of Science Alexandria University. Besides, I am honored to be the Vice President of ZeroOne Team and the Human Resources Director at 3ommarX. I have also gained experience as a trainee at iCareer and I am currently working as a project manager at I-Code.


Somaya Saeed

Project Manager

I am Somaya, a college student studying computer science at the College of Science. In addition to my studies, I hold several positions such as General Director at 3ommarX Event , Head of PR at Space E project, 3ommar Team, and MEU project. Moreover, I am a Project Manager at I-Code.